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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered several questions…several times via email.

We’ve found that paid audits or consult is faster, more direct, more effective, and more realistic than a traditional agency estimate. But please feel free to email us to get a ballpark idea or to run your idea by us.

While Nate has done work with dozens of CMSs and major ecommerce platforms, we focus on WooCommerce so that we can spend less time working on technical issues and more time on SEO tasks that will actually increase traffic tomorrow.

Oh boy – “it depends” 🙂 So, we’d love to say weeks but 1 to 3 months is more realistic for work done today. But some tasks (like product page updates) will have faster effects than others (like link building).

Yes! And our subscription bundles are ideal for stores that have the budget and want to get the highest impact tasks implemented quickly, every month.

The short answer is **absolutely yes**. The longer answer is, well, what do you do when you know what you want to buy? Social might be sexy, but search brings in the money. You can also get a much lower customer acquisition costs from SEO.