Get More Customers from Local Search

We help home services like electricians, plumbers, roofers, and more get more qualified leads through search engine optimization (SEO) and local search ads.

  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Get Higher Quality Jobs
  • Increase Incoming Leads
  • Build a “Moat” Against Competition
Nuthatch Marketing
Google Business Profile…done!

You’ll get a local Google profile that brings in consistent leads & collects reviews, while you focus on your business.

Website Optimization…done!

You’ll website will grow with the right content to bring in quality customers & build a competitive moat plus the tracking to show your ROI.

You can achieve incredible Customer Acquisition Costs with organic search.

Organic search can bring in consistent organic visitors…for free (at the click). You’ll get leads that compound over time, rather than paying for every single one. Leave pay per lead sites behind.

Your Customers See a Lot of Options in Their Search Results. We Make Sure They Actually Find *You*

You’ll get an optimized web presence for what actually matters (i.e…conversions, leads & calls).

Your customers are navigating through ads, search features, and all sorts of Google clutter.

Your optimized listings & website will stand out where it matters so that your marketing is an investment, not a monthly cost.

Who Runs Nuthatch Marketing?‚Äč

Nuthatch Marketing is owned by Nate Shivar. Nate has been consulting with local businesses & SEO since 2010 in addition to a wide range of SEO projects. Before 2010, he worked in sales for 84 Lumber and a plumber apprentice. You’ll benefit from –

  • 12+ Years SEO Experience
  • Agency background
  • Award-winning campaigns
  • Conversion Mindset


You can move faster with us.

For your growing business, a full-service agencies can be too slow. A freelancer can be too flaky. And another employee adds overhead. With us, you get a good mixture of the three. You won’t have to call in for “onboarding” or “discovery” or a “scope estimate”. You can judge our work for yourself and sign up for the option that best fits your business & resources.

Get started with our quick audit to see where you’re at and/or order a Google Business Profile setup service.

Nate will be in touch to talk more or see what subscription would make the most sense for your business goals.

We can’t do traffic guarantees, but we will guarantee quality work based on best practices & creative strategy. SEO is like poker – we can’t guarantee a Full House…but we can put two Aces in your hand. That all starts with seeing what you’re holding and getting your Google Business Profile setup right.

Speed & efficiency. We’ve done Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc, and we’ve worked with national ecommerce and B2B companies. But with marketing changing so fast, we’re focused on what we know best – and what channel can actually drive consistent leads.